Geomechanical modeling software LithoStudio (Geomechanics)
LithoStudio (Geomechanics) is a software that can be used for geomechanics modelling of near borehole environment for determining mechanical properties and rock stress state based on well-logging data, well testing data and core investigations results.

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Geomechanical modeling software LithoStudio (Geomechanics)

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About LithoStudio (Geomechanics)

LithoStudio (Geomechanics) LithoStudio (Geomechanics) software provides User to predict the well mechanical behavior before-, while- and after drilling.
LithoStudio software includes all necessary tools for the following tasks:
  • Drilling risks reduction due to a reliable evaluation of the safe mud weight window, including wellbore instability intervals, AHRP, mud loss, etc.
  • Drilling problems prediction as an oil and gas showing, blow out, sticking, collapsing, sand production, overpull, landing of drilling bit, etc.
  • Well design optimization and correction of casing shoes depth landing
  • Optimal direction and angle of drilling determination
  • Real-time drilling support to increase rate of penetration, minimize downtime and inefficient construction costs
  • Optimization of hydraulic fracturing design
  • Critically stressed fractures identification
  • Sand production and mud loss prediction in terms of wellbore stability influence to drawdown

Input Data

Intelligent data loader in LithoStudio (Geomechanics)

LithoStudio software allows user to download and analyze all data that required for geomechanical modeling.

The LAS bootloader allows batch input of information with the specification of several criteria (certain logging methods, selected depths and wells).

Stratigraphy columns data, core analysis tables, well tests, lithology columns, mechanical facies, drilling complications are conveniently inputted through the clipboard using the most common office software. The supported formats are LAS, DLIS, CSV, XML, TXT.

Intelligent data loader in LithoStudio (Geomechanics)
well testing data
script editor
casing information
well log data import
mechanical facies
well log data export
well profile
data standardisation
drilling events
core data
table data import
mud weight table

Data Analysis

Tools for analyzing and editing downloaded data in LithoStudio (Geomechanics) Geomechanics software has a complete set of utilities that allow User to properly prepare various data before Geomechanical modeling:
  • Logging data merging, matching, smoothing
  • Petrophysical rock characteristics calculation
  • Logging data synthesis with using of the most extended methods (Gardner-Castagna's, Han's, Faust's, Zalyaev's)
  • Convertation of wave velocities data to slowness and backwards
  • The scripts are based on C# machine language. The script allows to create own wizards in Project with using constants, arrays, rules, etc.
The next tools are using for vizualization of all data types:
  • Well sections for displaying of logging data, well testing data, casing, stratigraphy and lithology column.
  • Cross-plots for constructing various dependency graphs (as types as Core-Core, Core-Log, etc.), obtaining trend lines and correlation coefficients
  • Multiwell correlations for selection of stratigraphy, lithology, geomechanical boundaries and picking on the polygon
Tools for analyzing and editing downloaded data in LithoStudio (Geomechanics)
Shale volume
Data cleansing
log data analysis
Conversion Dt-v
Compressional wave slowness
Bulk density
Shear wave slowness
statistical analysis

1D-Geomechanics Model

LithoStudio software allows to obtain the following results in the simulation:
  • Stress profiles (overburden pressure, pore pressure, fracture pressure, collapse pressure)
  • Dependence charts between dynamic and static elastic properties, profiles of static properties along a cross-section taking into account different lithological / stratigraphic intervals
  • Dynamic elastic properties (Young's modulus, Poisson's ratio)
  • Wellbore stability model (Mohr-Coulomb, Lade, Drucker-Pruger of combined criteria)
  • Safe mud density window taking into account the schedule pressures
  • Stereonets that allow User to determine the optimal mud weight for any drilling
  • Inclination and azimuth of Cross-well correlations
1D-Geomechanics Model in LithoStudio (Geomechanics) 1D-Geomechanics Model in LithoStudio (Geomechanics)
Overburden and Pore Pressure
Wellbore Stability Model

Overburden stress
Horizontal stress
Shale line
Hydraulic fracture analysis
Normal compaction trend
Formation breakout analysis
Pore pressure
Sand production
Kirsh module
Mechanic Properties
Multi-Well Mode

Dynamic elastic properties
Properties propagation
Static properties
Strength properties
Morh Envelope
The most popular modules of Geomechanical modeling are:
  • Pressure analysis - allows to define formations with AHRP and lost circulation zones
  • Formation breakout analysis - allows to detect intervals of instability of the walls of wells, possible collapse zones while drilling
  • Stereonets - allow User to correct the mud weight taking into account the magnitudes and orientation of the principal stresses, determine the optimal angle of drilling and the direction of drilling of inclined and horizontal wells
  • Brittleness index - allows to allocate the most perspective areas for selection of sweet spot zones and barriers of fractures from the mechanical properties point of view
  • Hydraulic fracture analysis allows to control the maximum possible pressure in order to avoid hydraulic fracturing of rocks
  • Quantitive risk assessment, recommendations for successful drilling, risk drilling map development
  • Sand production analysis is an assessment of the potential sand production and pressure when this process can occur. This allows User to choose the correct methods for combating the destruction of the reservoir, such as the types of well completion, perforation design, selection of ground equipment
  • Morh-Coulomb envelope is based on the relationship between shear and normal stresses at each point of the rock. The module allows to determine the most optimal criterion of rock destruction on the basis of the core study results.
  • Properties propagation is a special Master allows to easily propagate the created geomechanical model from a drilled well to the project wells taking into account their trajectory and stratigraphy data
  • Script editor allows User to create your own custom modules, synthesize logs by various methods, perform petrophysical calculations, etc.

Geological Risks Analysis

LithoStudio software (Geomechanics) allows you to take into account geological risks in the process of modeling and drilling wells Taking into account drilling problems, it allows User to assess the origin of geological risks and correct the geomechanical model.
Modeling in LithoStudio software allows User to minimize the possible risks associated with:
  • Wellbore instability
  • Determining the depths of landing shoes casing columns
  • The ES on the site (oil and gas showing, blow out, sticking, collapsing, etc.)
LithoStudio software (Geomechanics) allows you to take into account geological risks in the process of modeling and drilling wells

Multi-Well Mode

Auto-building a set of 1D geomechanical models according to a planned scenario (workflow) in LithoStudio (Geomechanics) Multi-well mode makes it easier to work with large amount of data. LithoStudio software provides functionality for the automated calculation of 1D-geomechanical models based on the User-planned Scenario (Workflow). Auto-building a set of 1D geomechanical models according to a planned scenario (workflow) in LithoStudio (Geomechanics)

Real Time Geomechanical Modeling

Geomechanical support of well drilling in real time in the LithoStudio program (Geomechanics) LithoStudio provides the Real Time Geomechanical Support for the drilling process utilizing WITSML standard. This is performed in collaboration with the mud logging stations. The Real Time service implies daily reports along with comparison of the pre-drill geomechanical model to the real measurements. Geomechanical support of well drilling in real time in the LithoStudio program (Geomechanics)s

LithoStudio' Advantages

LithoStudio software outperforms the world analogues in efficiency, while it has a significantly lower cost.
Safe mud weight window determination
Wellbore stability analysis
Well design optimization, casing shoes depths determination
Wellbore trajectory optimization
Determination of the optimal direction and angle of drilling
Monitoring of drilling problems
Optimization of hydraulic fracturing design
Several oilfields in single project
Pore pressure prediction, geostresses estimation
Petrophysical parameters calculation (1D)
Kirsh stress distribution model for the near-wellbore zone
Stereonets for shear failure gradient and fracture gradient
Parameters calculation according to user-defined algorithm
Cross-plots, determination of correlation between parameters
Real time geomechanics during drilling
Conjunction with LWD and MWD using the WITSML protocol
Support for a geomechanical model in Real time
International standards correspondence
English interface and documentation
Client support service
Low cost of software
Cost of use and support
Accreditation by authorities

Patents. Testing. Accreditation

LithoStudio Registration Certificate (Geomechanics)
  • The Company has a full functionality for operational support of the LithoStudio (Geomechanics) software on the Customer's side, as well as User manuals and the training program
  • LithoStudio software was successfully tested in Gazprom, Rosneft, NOVATEK, LUKOIL Oil Company, State Production Association Belorusneft, TATNEFT
  • LithoStudio has successfully passed the examination in Gazprom VNIIGAZ and FBGU GKZ
  • This Software has been registered in the "Unified Register of Russian Programs for Electronic Computers and Databases under the Ministry of Communications of Russia" under number 3611
  • Recommended for public procurement
LithoStudio Registration Certificate (Geomechanics)

Training and Support

Geomechanics training courses Lithosphere LLC provides training courses on Reservoir Geomechanics with the involvement of LithoStudio software. Training can be organized both on the Customer's side and on our own office. In case of Customer request, training can be organized without interruption from work activity (2-3 hours per day).
Specialists of Lithosphere LLC prepared their own theoretical and practical course on geomechanics. The company has experience in conducting courses on the basis of Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow), Kazan Federal University (KFU), Tatar Oil Research and Design Institute (TatNIPIneft) of PJSC TATNEFT (Bugulma), State Production Association Belorusneft (Gomel), and others. Geomechanics training courses

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10 ,Windows 8.1 ,Windows 8
  • Video card: NVIDIA 9800 GT 1GB / AMD HD 4870 1GB
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-6400 @ 3.3GHZ
  • RAM: 16GB
  • Free Disk Space: 500MB
  • OS: Windows 7 SP1
  • Video card: any OpenGL video card 4.0 and above with screen resolution 1920x1200
  • CPU: Intel G3260 @ 3.5GHZ / AMD A8 FX-6300 @ 3.5GHZ
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Free Disk Space: 500MB

Purchase Licenses

LithoStudio (Geomechanics) Lithosphere LLC proposes commercial version of LithoStudio (Geomechanics) software.
LithoStudio license includes:
  • LithoStudio software
  • One-year technical support (including all updates within one version)
  • Two 1D geomechanical models construction, based on the well data provided by a customer
Volume License Pricing:
  • 5-licenses purchase is awarded with 10% discount
  • 10-licenses purchase is awarded with 20% discount
After the Agreement of Intent is signed, our potential customer receives the free trial version of LithoStudio. The trial period may vary from one to three months, depending on the particular applications.
Lithosphere LLC delivers LithoStudio software and technical training. The course covers basic knowledge of the discipline. In addition, our instructor will help you to perform a geomechanical modeling using your initial data.
We invite Universities and Institutes for cooperation. For the training purpose, LithoStudio software can be installed in the educational institutions for free.
All rights to sell and support LithoStudio (Geomechanics) software belong to Lithosphere LLC.
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